Item #103570

AWAKE Caffeinated Caramel Chocolate Bites, 0.58oz

Consume one AWAKE bite and you’ll be ready to lace up some complicated boots. Two bites and you’ll be ready for a 50-mile (80-kilometer) commute on rollerblades, or possibly explain hedge funds to a Labrador retriever. Three bites and it’s business time—you’re on your way to a corner office on the 85 th floor … by taking the stairs. On your hands. Eat four bites and the laws of time and space will no longer apply to you.*

*Actual states of AWAKE may vary by height, diet, disposition and willingness to believe.

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Kosher OU-D Yes
No Artificial Colors Yes
No Artificial Flavors Yes
Low Sodium Yes
Preservative Free Yes
Outer Case Dimensions 16.4" X 11.1" X 8.1"
Case UPC 10891325004531
Display/NRPK UPC 891325004077
Unit UPC 891325004060